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The Tool Repository collects available tools, practical guidance, and trainings for governments on how to effectively engage with and govern the private sector in health. The resources included in the repository can help governments to strengthen the development and implementation of appropriate policies, processes and measures for the governance of their health systems, maximize the delivery of COVID-19 tools, and build a more equitable and resilient health system through an effective and equitable engagement of the private sector in health.


Please note: The tool repository has been launched as quickly as possible to rapidly support countries in the delivery of COVID-19 tools. This is why the database is not yet completed. More tools will be added here below in the coming days.
Browse the available tools below by entering free text into the search box or using the filters to search.


Please contact us if you have any feedback or would like to suggest a resource to include in the repository.

Please note: This is an ongoing process of collecting relevant tools and may not cover all tools and practical guidance available. Solely static assessments or general analysis of public-private engagement, and accounts of country experiences such as case studies have been excluded.

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