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Linking Private Primary Health Care Networks to Sustainable Domestic Financing: A Practical Guide for Network Managers
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Maternal and Child Health
Primary Health Care
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Checklist / Guidelines
A practical guide for organizations working with private health care providers to connect to sustainable domestic financing opportunities.
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This process-orientated guide is intended for organizations working with private health care providers, as well as for health financing experts. It provides technical guidance, templates, and practical country examples for planning and conducting analyses to identify opportunities to connect aggregators and provider networks with domestic and other third-party sources of financing and delivery systems to advance UHC efforts and other national priorities.

The guide helps network managers and technical experts navigate the steps necessary for gathering, structuring, analyzing and reporting information needed to make strategic plans that improve sustainability and equity. It helps to develop promising options for engagement, as well as develop a foundation of knowledge around key health-system principles and functions.

Support for International Family Planning and Health Organizations (SIFPO2) project