Research and Learning

Intro Research



The research channel curates evidence and captures learning from regional and country experience in the delivery of COVID-19 tools and essential health services to inform guidance and policy. It is intended to promote a common understanding of governance of the health system as a whole, using the WHO governance behaviours as conceptual and diagnostic tool.


Product and process.

The research channel will support the production of research products to facilitate progressive and diverse engagement of key audiences, through the Country Connector and other fora. Research products will include high quality reviews, case studies, policy briefs, guidance notes, blogs, and peer reviewed articles.


Country collaboration.

Through WHO regional and country offices, we will endeavour to ensure diversity in research collaboration. This will be largely demand-driven, working with countries that express interest in learning from governance and market failure, as much as effective intervention. We will identify and work with local researchers and other relevant stakeholders, identified as part of country collaboration.



Research will be utility-driven, to spur action and deployment of tools, capacities, and
behaviours for governance of the private sector in health. Research products will be co-created with country stakeholders to improve their relevance and application.


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