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The Clearing House searches for, selects, and categorizes published articles and media on the role of the private sector in health. The clearing house is currently focused on the delivery of  COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics, PPE and oxygen, and aims to promote cross-country learning and share country experiences.

Over time the role of the clearing house will expand to provide information highlighting the needs and solutions for stronger health system governance and better public policy toward the private sector in health - notably to rebuild more resilient and better prepared health systems.

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Key Trends
  • The role of the private sector in the general response to COVID-19 and specifically in relation to vaccine distribution continue to be the leading topics of discussion among resources found this month (54% and 41% respectively).
  • Reflective of the pandemic stage the world is currently in, fewer articles focused on the private sector’s role in the delivery of diagnostics (13%) and therapeutics (11%).
  • In relation to health system function, governance (48%) dominates the topic of discussion this month, followed closely by service delivery (37%)
Country Focus

Local leaders in health, finance, entrepreneurship and communication technology share the 5 ways in which the private sector has supported South Africa’s COVID-19 response ranging from securing COVID-19 vaccines to boosting investments for small businesses.

Governance Behavior Spotlight

South Africa’s private sector plays a key role in the nation’s impressive vaccination rate of 26.3% (one of the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa). Read more about how Business for South Africa (BS4A), an organizational structure coordinating the private sector’s work with the government for the national COVID-19 vaccination campaign, has mandated all private sector vaccination sites across the country to administer vaccines free of charge, regardless of recipients’ insurance status.


Users may search these resources using variables such as type of COVID-19 tool (vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics, oxygen, PPE), health system function (governance, health finance, service delivery, resource generation), private sector positioning (positive, negative, neutral), country and WHO region.


Please contact us using the web form below if you have any feedback or if you would like to contribute a resource or collaborate with us.

Please note: this is an ongoing process of collating relevant resources and may not cover all resources available. Articles that do not give emphasis to the private sector and COVID-19 and the specific tools (i.e. vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics, PPE and oxygen) have been excluded. The Clearing House collates resources, it is not intended to assess quality and / or content of the resources included, but rather to facilitate the gathering of published literature and media on the topic of engaging the private sector for the delivery of COVID19 tools.

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