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Sources of care in mixed health systems
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Health Services
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Data for Governance
This resource provides estimates of the utilization of health services at the private sector across WHO regions and by wealth quintiles.
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Most health systems are mixed systems, where goods and services are provided both by the public and private sector, and health consumers are requesting these services from both sectors.. Information on where  individuals are seeking care are crucial to generate a better understanding of how those mixed health systems operate. Crucial data include, among others: if individuals are seeking care in the public or in the private sector, how is the demand among the various wealth quintiles, and at what level inpatient and outpatient care are provided by the private sector.

These indicators aim at:

  1. Better understanding where populations are seeking care.
  2. Providing comparable and comprehensive information on sources of care.
  3. Showcasing the importance of private provision of inpatient and outpatient care.
  4. Informing policy and program decision-making about private sector engagement.
  5. Facilitating the sharing of lessons across countries with similar public-private distributions.