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The Progression Pathway for Governance of Mixed Health Systems
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Health Policy
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The Progression Pathway for Governance of Mixed Health Systems (the Progression Pathway) is a practical tool developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to help countries strengthen their capacity to govern and provide better health, focusing on the governance of private health sector. The Progression Pathway is based on the recommendations and approach introduced by the WHO Strategy Report “Engaging the Private Health Service Delivery Sector through Governance in Mixed Health Systems”.
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The Progression Pathway responds to two significant and prevalent trends:

First, efforts to achieve UHC and the other SDG goals and targets are failing. Health service coverage has stagnated, and the proportion of the population facing catastrophic out-of pocket health spending has dramatically increased.

Second, private sector involvement in health care delivery and financing is significant and growing. However, the private sector is often under-governed, with flow-on consequences for health equity, access, quality, and efficiency.