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Healthy Markets for Global Health: A Market Shaping Primer
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Health Policy
This market shaping primer identifies noteworthy achievements across products and markets. It is intended as a starting point for ideas that can be further developed and applied.
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The Market Shaping Primer looks to further the conversation around market shaping in global health by taking an in-depth look at the state of practice. Whether by better leveraging private sector participation in manufacturing and delivery, or improving value for money in the global procurement of commodities, the Primer explores the opportunities for market shaping to improve the way USAID and other donors/procurers maximize health impact. By analyzing interventions across the HIV, malaria, family planning, vaccines and other health sectors, the Primer examines the definition and approach to market shaping, and offers a simple, five-step framework that captures common elements and characteristics underpinning the numerous interventions explored.

Sustaining Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) project