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Strategies for improving health system governance and effectively engaging the private sector to improve quality of MNCH services in Kampala, Uganda
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Maternal and Child Health

The webinar will share lessons learnt on how the private sector in health can be engaged at the country level to maximize country’s efforts to achieve Universal health Coverage (UHC). 

After the session, participating will have an understanding of: 

  • Effective governance behaviors to improve engagement with both the public and private sectors and advance quality of MNCH services.
  • The importance of co-creating solutions that are relevant for each sector, while building trust that facilitates engagement.
  • The factors that motivated and hindered the public and private sectors to improve quality of healthcare services in Uganda. 
  • The importance of systems thinking (hub/spoke model) to best utilize existing resources to address key challenges to achieve public health goals.
  • How the use of digital technologies can support targeted and rapid deployment of key resources to enhance access to care.
  • Introduction and overview of the WHO work on the engagement with the private sector in health
  • Opening remarks
  • Introduction of USAID private sector engagement work in Uganda
  • Panel presentations:
    • The importance of public/private partnerships to improve access to care for the urban poor.
    • Highlights of implementation research with public and private sectors:
      1. Government stewardship that facilitated strengthening the mixed health system 
      2. Approaches to improve the quality of MNCH services
      3. Effective referrals through a coordinated emergency response system 
      4. Remaining Challenges
  • Q&A panel
  • Wrap-up and closing


Watch the full recorded event here:

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