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Sustaining access to high-quality essential health services during the COVID-19 pandemic
Health Emergencies
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A course designed to enable governments and their partners to ensure equity of access to safe, effective, and affordable health care through engagement with the private sector. The curriculum has been redesigned to reflect the COVID-19 pandemic.

This course covers the concepts and tools that policymakers can use to ensure they act strategically in engaging the private sector, so that health markets serve the public interest. The learning content for the course is structured according to a pathway along which all effective market systems interventions will travel – the Pathway to Impact. The pathway is a sequence of four defined steps – the ‘4 Ds’. These incorporate: (i) the Diagnosis of prioritised problems; (ii) the Design and (iii) the Delivery of market systems strategies through which problems are to be addressed; and (iv) the methodologies through which market system changes attributed to the intervention are to be Detected. Underpinning these steps is the Market Systems Framework, informed by recent developments in market analysis across multiple sectors.

This framework is used to organise all the concepts of the course – which are then applied to a real-world scenario, to show you exactly how to use them to achieve effective interventions in health market systems during the COVID-19 pandemic. The course is conducted by leading experts with real-world experience in managing markets in mixed health systems.