Who we are...

The Country Connector on Private Sector in Health was launched in 2020 to serve as a multi-sectoral platform that shares experiences, connects countries to the resources, tools and guidance needed for stronger health system governance and better public policy toward the private sector in health. It coordinates the efforts of multiple actors in implementing national health plans and helps in rebuilding more resilient and better prepared health systems.

The platform works across the 3 levels of WHO and with global, regional and national partners. It aims to support the work of  Policy Makers, Private Sector Actors, Funding Agencies, Multi-lateral Agencies, Implementing Agencies, Civil Society Agencies, Consumer Representatives and all actors concerned with achieving Universal Health Coverage and Health Security. 


Our Vision:

To create a network and support system that enables countries to align efforts towards achieving public health goals through effective governance of mixed health systems.

Our Mission:

To advocate and build the capacities of countries and relevant stakeholders to adopt an inclusive process for governing the health sector and leveraging national resources towards achieving public health goals.

Our History

Recognizing that member states need to mobilize all sectors to maximize efforts to achieve SDG3 goals, in 2020 the World Health Organization convened an Advisory Group on the Governance of the Private Sector for Universal Health Coverage. The Advisory Group developed a Strategy Report on “Engaging the private health service delivery sector through governance in mixed health systems”.

The strategy identified the need to align global, regional and local partners working in this area and to build governance capacity at the country level to make and implement public policy about the role of the private sector in health service delivery.

Initially developed to help in galvanizing all of society response to COVID-19, the Country Connector has now been repurposed to facilitate collaboration and learning and to support countries to efficiently harness all actors in their health systems to build back after the pandemic.