About Working Groups

In order to fill identified gaps and assist countries in their implementation, the WHO and partners can propose the creation of a Working Groups (WGs) on different thematic related to the engagement with the private sector in health. The working groups bring together development partner agencies, experts, and country level stakeholders (both from the public and private sector) committed to the aim and objectives of each WG. Country level representation is valued, critical and should be maintained. Members should have technical expertise on the agenda of the working group they participate to.  

As a relatively new area of work, there will necessarily be an important component of ‘learning by doing’ and a need for flexibility and responsiveness in the WGs’ work programme.

Terms of reference for each Working Group are developed by the relevant Working Group and shared with the Steering Committee, specifying the objectives, activities, deliverables, timeline, lead partners and budget. Working Group membership are open to signatories, and other interested stakeholders, including technical experts from key partners connected to the objectives of the network.

Working Groups consider how best to engage other stakeholders and country representatives in specific activities or deliverables as appropriate, for an inclusive approach and effective dissemination of the work of the group.