Working Groups (Public View)

Working Group

Engaging the private sector in health for Maternal, New Born and Child Health (MNCH)

The working group focus on engaging the private sector for the delivery of quality Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) services.
About us

The working group on MNCH focus on MNCH services in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) where the private sector provides a significant proportion of healthcare or where its role is expanding. The private sector in these countries covers a spectrum of providers, from very informal operations to highly formalized providers. While many people access services in the informal private sector (private health entities which are not regulated by national legislation), by their nature, informal providers are not organized and engaging them presents a significant challenge. In the first instance therefore, the WG will focus on formal private sector health services. This will include an integrated approach to issues such as nutrition.

What we do

As a relatively new area of work, there will necessarily be an important component of ‘learning by doing’ and a need for flexibility and responsiveness in the WG’s work programme. However, as a starting point, we propose that the WG’s activities be concentrated on three key action areas: Partnership; Learning and Best Practice; and Implementation Support.