Support Desk

Support Desk


The Country Support Desk provides tailored support to countries that are willing to engage the private sector to strengthen their health system. Support can range from facilitating public-private dialogue, conducting tailored capacity building activities, to generating evidence about best practices, and providing technical guidance to develop national policies and standards among others. The support desk helps countries through galvanizing the collective expertise of WHO regional, country and global expert and involving private sector engagement experts at local, regional and global levels.

Do you need information about engagement of the private sector to health service delivery? 

on rapid research
summarising the results of literature reviews and interviews with key informants.
with an expert
Who can offer technical support.
of discussions/debates
About current strategies, opportunities and challenges for countries in their work with the private sector.
of existing resource
To identify relevant resources to respond to a particular issue.
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Ready to submit a request? Ask us anything that:

  • Directly relates to the governance of health systems and the role of the private sector in health.
  • Concerns relevant practitioner perspectives on policies or operations.
  • Is clearly formulated and includes a stated purpose.

Please note that questions coming from Ministries of Health and WHO offices will be prioritized.