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A mind shift from the public health vs private sector dichotomy: how to integrate the private sector in health systems governance?
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In all circumstances, strong governance is essential for health systems performance. It ensures that the government's priorities, principles and values are reflected in how the health system operates and responds to needs. But during times of health emergency, strong governance is especially critical because there is a need to act quickly and efficiently to mobilise all resources, both public and private, and to ensure alignment of the activities of all health system actors with national response efforts. The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated this need for strengthened governance of health system. It has exposed the limitations of not having a policy on the role of the private sector in health or the corresponding resources necessary for effectively engaging with the private sector.


In this context, on Tuesday 7th December will be launched the Country Connector on the Private Sector in Health (CCPSH), an initiative led by WHO to provide a platform to support countries to engage with the private sector toward achieving public health goals including universal health coverage, health security and health systems resilience. The Country Connector purpose is to share experiences across countries, connect countries to the resources, tools and guidance needed for stronger health system governance and better public policy toward the private sector in health, coordinate the efforts of multiple actors in delivering COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics and help with efforts to rebuild more resilient and better prepared health systems.


During the launch, after a short introduction to the Country Connector and its activities, policy makers, private sector representatives and leaders will share their thoughts and experiences on engaging the private sector in health. Participants will have an opportunity to ask their questions about the Country Connector during the second part of the event.


Interventions from: 

  • Gregory Rockson, mPharma.
  • Walid Ammar, MD, PhD ISSP/Faculty of Medicine Université St Joseph Beirut-Lebanon.

  • Belinda Afriyie Nikamo, Expert, Ghana.

  • Michael Holscher, Chief Delivery Officer, Population Services International.

  • Grace Ssali Kiwanuka, Executive Director, Uganda Healthcare Federation.


Panel discussion: 

  • Mary-Ann Etiebet, MD. AVP, Health Equity, Lead, Merck for Mothers.
  • Ms. Wendy Taylor, Vice-President for Technical Leadership and Innovation, Jhpiego.

  • Dr. Blerta Maliqi, WHO Maternal, Newborn and Child Health.

  • Ms. Hanna Monica Dias, WHO Global Tuberculosis Programme.

  • Mr. David Clarke, WHO Health System Governance and Financing.

Facilitator: Prof. Mark Hellowell, University of Edinburgh