Our work

The Country Connector has six core activities that it focuses on:

Research. The research channel curates evidence and captures learning from regional and country experience in the delivery of COVID-19 tools and essential health services to inform guidance and policy.

Support Desk. The Support Desk works with WHO and other experts to provide assistance on challenges experienced during the COVID-19 response by providing tangible advice on how to effectively involve the private sector in the equitable roll out of COVID-19 tools.

Clearing House. The Clearing House searches for, selects and categorizes published articles and media that provide evidence and information on the role of the private sector in health for the delivery of COVID-19 tools.

Tool Repository. The Tool Repository offers selected tools and practical guidance that support action-oriented interventions to engage with the private sector in the COVID-19 response.

Working Groups. The Working Groups convene diverse country actors, technical experts and development partners to diagnose challenges in the COVID-19 response and co-design solutions.

Training. The OpenWHO course supports learners to build skills and knowledge to effectively engage the private sector in health.