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The Clearing House searches for, selects, and categorizes published articles and media on the role of the private sector in health. The clearing house is currently focused on the delivery of  COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics, PPE and oxygen, and aims to promote cross-country learning and share country experiences.

Over time the role of the clearing house will expand to provide information highlighting the needs and solutions for stronger health system governance and better public policy toward the private sector in health - notably to rebuild more resilient and better prepared health systems.

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Key Trends

This month the Clearing House search focused on digital health and primary healthcare. A total of 20 articles on the topic were collected over a span of three weeks. Of these 20 resources, most of the articles were related to telemedicine services provided by private companies (65%), followed by a specific focus on E-health (35%). In terms of health system functions, 60% of the articles were related to service delivery, and 45% to health system governance.

Country Focus

Digital Health: A Health System Strengthening Tool for Developing Countries highlights how Rwanda’s government is working with the private sector to leverage digital health in reaching underserved populations. In particular, it presents a range of private sector companies that are currently engaged with digital health by offering health and personal care products for women, as well as working in medical commodity delivery.

Top 5 reads of the month
  1. Digital Health Ecosystem for African Countries: A Guide for Public and Private Actors for Establishing Holistic Digital Health Ecosystems in Africa – This guide presents a framework and actionable approach for Digital Health Ecosystems based on an open platform infrastructure.
  2. Digital Health in East Africa: Innovation, Experimentation and the Market – This article explores the changing, innovative and increasingly financialized landscape of formal digital health initiatives. 
  3. Digital health technologies and health-care privatization - This article discusses how health information technologies are propelling the expansion of health-care privatization. 
  4. Digital Technology and the Future of Health Systems - This article explores how digital health is shifting the focus of health systems toward client-centered health care.
  5. Inclusive digital health policy starts on the frontline: A South African case for cross-sectoral collaboration – This article discusses the role of governance in supporting the appropriate use of digital health.
Governance Behavior Spotlight

Building strong health systems: three roles for private companies. According to this article, the three roles are to: 1) accelerate the digital transformation of healthcare to increase connectivity and drive technological innovation, 2) develop financing solutions and sustainable, scalable business models and 3) increase collaboration and active private sector engagement within the health ecosystem for more impactful partnerships

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